Mediterranean diet foods


It has been reported that eating Mediterranean diet foods can reduce the risk of heart disease because the foods are low in saturated fats which mean that these foods are a lot healthier to be consumed.

Basically, the Mediterranean style diet can change the lifestyle as well as the eating habit. For example, to gain fats, butter is replaced with unsaturated fats like olive oil and canola oil.

Other than that extra virgin and virgin olive oil also contain antioxidants substance. Another healthy fat from the Mediterranean diet food can be gained from a small portion of nuts and seeds.

To gain protein, the dieters of Mediterranean style diet can eat a very small portion of red meat. Lean red meat, poultry, grilled fish, packed fish, and shellfish are also completing the protein intake for the dieters.

The dairy products that are included in the Mediterranean diet foods are skim milk, fat-free or low fat dairy products. These kinds of dairy products can replace the fatty cheese and whole milk. The Mediterranean diet food also includes grains and plant foods as the main components of the diet plan.

Whole grain breads, rice and pasta can be consumed by the dieters. A large amount of fruits and veggies and also beans is also highly recommended for Mediterranean dieters.

To spice up the meals or to reduce the use of salts in the Mediterranean diets foods, you can add herbs and spices to make the meal even more delicious. In the Mediterranean style diet, a light intake of red wine is also included in the diet plan because it is believed that red wine can reduce the risk of heart disease.

However, for those who don’t drink alcohol, you are recommended to have purple grape juice to replace the red wine. Looking at the fact that the Mediterranean diet food is available in a really wide variety, it seems that following this type of diet is not that difficult.

If you are looking forward to losing some extra pounds by performing the Mediterranean style diet, you should follow the Mediterranean diet foods pyramid.

The Mediterranean diet food pyramid includes 20% of protein, 30% of fats, and 50% of carbohydrates. The dieters should eat five times a day with three main meals that include breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and also two snacks in the halfway through the morning and in the evening.

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