Mediterranean Diet Lunch

Health Benefits of the Mediterranean Diet Lunch

The Mediterranean diet is the ideal diet for your lunches, this diet will allow you to be flexible with meals, the versatility of its ingredients will allow you to prepare delicious recipes and stay healthy.

This food has a different food pyramid than traditional diets. The consumption of water and infusions abounds in the Mediterranean diet, which also includes legumes, vegetables, cereals, pasta, rice, and olive oil. Dairy products and fish have great relevance in this diet due to their nutrients and health benefits. [1]

Wine is part of the Mediterranean diet and has a very important role due to its benefits on the cardiovascular system and antioxidants. The wine should be drunk in moderation.

Olive oil: Main ingredient of the Mediterranean diet

During lunch, you will enjoy the benefits of extra virgin olive oil, the main ingredient of the Mediterranean diet. Its composition of monounsaturated fatty acids gives it important benefits for cardiovascular health.

Avoid cooking with saturated fats from processed oils, replace them with extra virgin olive oil, their delicious flavor and aroma will give your meals a delicious flavor and will make you live a great experience. [2]

Drinking a glass of wine daily will be beneficial for your health

Red wine is a source of antioxidants that will benefit your cardiovascular health. Drinking a glass of red wine daily will help you lower cholesterol, slow aging, and improve your mental health. Red wine contains resveratrol, an important antioxidant responsible for all health benefits. Drink in moderation, a glass of red wine a day will be enough to get all its benefits. [3]

This should be the proportion of your healthy Mediterranean meals

These are the portions to make sure your Mediterranean meals are healthy.

  1. 50% of Vegetables, fruits or legumes

Incorporate up to 50% of your dish in vegetables, fruits or legumes, its carbohydrate content is complex and healthy. Eat 100% real foods, green vegetables, fruits and legumes that will provide important nutrients for your health.

  • 30% high-quality lipids

Healthy fats are important in the Mediterranean diet. You can get healthy fatty acids especially from olive oil, nuts, and bluefish such as salmon, tuna, and sardines. Always take care of the proportions to have a balanced and healthy diet.

Healthy fats are necessary to protect heart disease and prevent degenerative diseases.

  • 20% high-quality protein

High-quality proteins come from lean white meats such as fish, chicken, and turkey. Bluefish also contains high-quality protein and healthy fatty acids. Legumes are an excellent vegetable source of protein. Avoid red meat and processed foods.